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BHS teacher wins soccer Coach of the Year

Current PE teacher achieves a long-time goal

Olivia Burdick, Staff Reporter

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Physical Education teacher, Gary Hunter, won the Coach of the Year in the 3A division. While teaching at BHS, he coaches the Roosevelt High School varsity boys soccer team, taking them to a state title this season.

Gary Hunter

Hunter’s interest in soccer stems from when he played in high school as well as at Seattle Pacific University. Before going to coach at Roosevelt, Hunter coached varsity boys soccer at BHS for 16 years.

“Everything has a shelf life. It was just time to move on,” Hunter said reflecting on why he moved from coaching at Ballard to Roosevelt.

Winning the award was in part due to the Roosevelt soccer team earning its first state championship this year.

“To win the award is a great life achievement because I’ve been a high school P.E. teacher/varsity coach for over 20 years,” Hunter said. “This is something I’ve been trying to get for a long time.”

He added in an email, that the achievement is a tribute to the opportunities and professional growth the school district has allowed him to “improve my craft.”


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BHS teacher wins soccer Coach of the Year