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Q&A with freshman basketball player Jessica Coacher

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Ella Andersen, Staff Reporter

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What was it like being one of the only two freshman on the varsity basketball team going into the season?

In the beginning I was really nervous and intimidated because everyone was older than me, but towards the end it was super cool. We got close and I felt really confident.


When did you start playing basketball?

I started playing [recreational basketball] in like second or third grade, and then I started playing select towards the end of sixth grade.


What is the off-season like?

So we have fall season where we just do fall season games and those are fun, and then we practice in June which is good. I don’t know, it’s hard but we get better.


What is it like being the second leading rebounder?

It’s pretty cool, I mean as a freshman to be the second leading rebounder. I guess it’s just about working really hard.

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Q&A with freshman basketball player Jessica Coacher