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Snow sports preview

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Mount Baker

Overall, Mt. Baker is probably the best place to ski out of these four options, but being 90 minutes east of Bellingham, it is the furthest of them all. If you can make the journey there, you are in for a treat. Mt. Baker holds the world record for the most snowfall in one season with 1,140 inches in 1999. With solid terrain, a decent terrain park and a big mountain, Mt. Baker proves to be worth the drive.

Crystal Mountain

Crystal is roughly the same distance away from Seattle as Stevens, and they share many similarities. They both have a big mountain with beginner to expert terrain, excellent snow and the highest elevation level in the area. However, they have pricey lift tickets at $74 for an adult, and it lacks a real terrain park, only having a couple rails.

Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass is the second closest mountain to Seattle with a drive of only an hour and a half. They receive a solid amount of annual snowfall and have much better snow than Snoqualmie. Also with a big mountain, solid terrain park, challenging runs and a beautiful backcountry, Stevens is the likely favorite of BHS students.

Snoqualmie Pass & Alpental

Snoqualmie is the closest place to ski from Seattle, but that doesn’t come without its drawbacks. It is a relatively small mountain, with lower elevations and unchallenging runs. It has lower annual snowfall than the other three locations and often isn’t cold enough, leaving you with slushy snow. Nevertheless, Snoqualmie does have an excellent terrain park that many BHS students have grown to enjoy.

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Snow sports preview