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Staff Editorial: A promise is a promise

Staff Editorial

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One Response to “Staff Editorial: A promise is a promise”

  1. Keno on October 23rd, 2017 8:53 PM

    This Is a tough issue to take a stance on, be because on one hand, it isn’t the fault of the child immigrants who were brought here, but at the same time we can’t encourage illegal immigrants to bring their children just for them to be a part of DACA. I think we should continue the program for the immigrants already in the country, but discourage new child immigrants from being raised in america. The Immigrants already in the country are, as the article says, future taxpayers, and contributors to the economy, and they should be treated as such. Overall, I think the program should be continued for the immigrants that already apply, but not for new ones.

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Staff Editorial: A promise is a promise