High School Boundary Task Force will vote on boundary scenario in January of 2018

Kylie Williams, Staff Reporter

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‘Scenario H version 2’ is the Boundary Task Force’s recommended boundary option. The boundary for Ballard High School will run down 6th AVE NW, along N 70th St, around the SW edge of Greenlake, down N Green Lake Way N, across N 50th St, down Phinney AVE N, across NW Market St and then down 15th AVE NW. To the NE of the Ballard boundary is the Ingraham boundary. The entirety of Magnolia and Queen Anne all the way down to Broad St and Denny Way would attend Lincoln along with those living west of 17th AVE NE.
(Information from Seattle Public Schools. Last updated: 10/12/17)

An open house was held in The Commons, on Oct. 26, where the High School Boundary Task Force presented three scenarios for the boundary changes that will accompany the opening of Lincoln High School in the 2019-20 school year.

According to a “Frequently Asked Questions” handout regarding high school boundary changes, the growing enrollment throughout Seattle Public Schools has created overcrowding in high schools. The opening of Lincoln will provide re-assignments that will balance the populations of Ballard, Ingraham, Roosevelt and Nathan Hale.

According to the FAQ handout the Boundary Task Force’s recommended scenario is “Scenario H Version 2,” which the School Board will vote upon in January. They will still take feedback from each of the open houses into consideration. This scenario would have residents of Magnolia and Queen Anne going to Lincoln, and some Ballard, Ingraham, Roosevelt and Nathan Hale students being moved.

In addition to this scenario, two more were also presented. “Scenario E” has residents in Magnolia and south of 85th and west of Greenwood Ave attending Ballard. Students living in Queen Anne and south of 85th and in between Greenwood and I-5, stretching down to Dearborn St, would be zoned for Lincoln.

In “Scenario F,” the boundaries for Ballard would be the same as those in “Scenario E.” The boundary for Lincoln would stay between Greenwood and I-5, but would only reach down to Denny Way, causing more students to attend Garfield.

The handout also explains that 12th graders will be grandfathered into whichever school they attend prior to the 2019-20 school year.

The boundaries were made based off of principles and criteria of equity, alignment with elementary and middle school feeder patterns, enrollment counts, diversity of programs and services and limiting change from the current boundaries.

Scenarios have been narrowed down in response to feedback from families who would be affected by the boundary changes. Also taken into consideration was each scenario’s accessibility based on transportation routes.

Some parents are very upset about the boundary changes that are to come. Kristie Gagner and Steven Rainville, parents of a current freshman at Ballard, attended the open house.

“Our daughter will be moved in her junior year. That’s the most important year for students and it would affect them the most being moved then,” Gagner said.

They also spoke of which scenarios wouldn’t be ideal.

“In ‘Scenario H Version 2,’ the NE corner of Ballard is moved to Ingraham. That would leave our daughter with a four mile walk to school,” Gagner said. “It would make more sense to keep as many kids as possible in a two mile walk zone.”

Regardless of what the boundaries will be, Lincoln will open in 2019, and it has the potential of being a 9th and 10th grade school its first year.
Along with 12th graders, it is being discussed whether 11th graders will be grandfathered in as well.

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