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Various sightings of rats have alarmed student body

(Art courtesy of Madi Lieberman-Koenig)

(Art courtesy of Madi Lieberman-Koenig)

(Art courtesy of Madi Lieberman-Koenig)

Sam Heikell, Sports Editor

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Like any big building with a lot of people, there are always going to be some rats and this year, these rodents have been turning up more than usual.

They have been seen in all areas of the school, ranging from the science pod to the cafeteria, spooking students and even disrupting a classroom.

“The rats were here in the old building, but when they tore down the building, the rats left the area,” Head Custodian Alford Lowe said. “And when they finished building the new building, the rats said ‘Hey we got a new place’ and they came back.”

The school staff has certainly noticed, as exterminators are sent every month to help combat the problem.

As well as the exterminators, the school janitors put out traps all over the school, and have been pretty successful.

“We’ve put traps all around the school. Wherever there’s food and water, you’ll find them,” Lowe said. “You could have a billion dollar hotel and you are going to have rats.”

The school kitchen has stayed clean though, receiving a satisfactory rating on their two health checks this school year.

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Various sightings of rats have alarmed student body