Coping with an overcrowded school

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Coping with an overcrowded school

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High school can be a very difficult time for teenagers, at school or at home. But this year, an even more overpopulated school has added an extra challenge to our everyday lives.

In a school built for 1,500 students, we were shocked to be able to fit 1,711 students last year, thinking that it would never get that bad again, thinking it was way out of the norm.

But we were wrong about that. With the addition of another 200 students this year, the issue keeps inflating and seems to be getting out of hand. That is, if Seattle Public Schools even recognizes that there’s an issue here.

Of course, along with a densely overpopulated school comes some everyday frustrations, such as crowded bathrooms, growing class sizes, exceedingly jam packed hallways and a ridiculous parking situation to name a few.

The counseling center on the first day of school was swamped. Over a hundred students had to sit there and wait for hours to get their schedules fixed, instead of going to their classes. And for those students, there was not a good chance for them to get into the classes that they wanted because they were full.

A once smelly, cramped athletic storage closet was turned into a classroom for this school year, and is now the home for all the health classes.

Oh, and by the way, there are over 300 seniors that are left without a locker this year, creating an underground market for them. Many seniors who need a locker have actually purchased them from other students.

The gridlock in the hallways this year seems to be the most common annoyance from students though. It can be a frustrating experience trying to make your way up a flight of stairs between classes and trying to catch up with teachers or classmates during passing period is almost out of the question unless you want to be tardy.

Parents still have yet to figure out an effective system for dropping off their kids before school. Its starting to get pretty impossible for them to do so because there are about 150 cars going through the staff parking lot all within the time span of about ten minutes before school. This just adds to the anxiety of kids arriving at school and the frustrations of parents and locals.

And the baffling thing is that nothing has been done, it seems like no one outside of the school has even acknowledged the problem in the first place, a problem that has been brewing for awhile now.

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