The Ballard Talisman

Immigration Q&A

Ana Marbett and Claire Moriarty, Editors in Chief

March 5, 2019

Julian Corrales-Askov Interview Can you explain your experience with immigration whether it’s been you or your parents or friends? It affected my parents, but that kinda directly affected me at a young age. I was born ...

Girl on the wall

Will Shepard, Cub Reporter

January 31, 2019

Nola Parnes dropped off the wall as time expired. A loud buzzer went off overhead - the only thing concealing her from her disappointment. She was able to climb two of the six challenge routes in this competition. To qualify sh...

A dream in the making

Claire Peters, Cub Reporter

January 31, 2019

Freshman Nicola Anderson was already on the stage doing what she loved at five years old. She started in a small role in a St. John's Christmas play, and she began to figure out her passion. Anderson knew she wanted to work in show...

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