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Netflix’s New Documentary Leaves Audience Stunned

Samantha Swainson, Ad Manager

June 7, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Film

‘Wild Wild Country’ is a stunning cinematic work introducing us to the mind-boggling effect of greed, manipulation and infatuation in cult settings. The documentary recounts the saga of the rise of the Rajneesh cult with their beliefs in encouraging spirituality...

REVIEW: “Love, Simon”

Annika Bergstrom, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Film

I would probably be one of the only people who didn’t enjoy Love, Simon to the fullest extent. The acting was good, the cinematography was of an average quality, and the plot was mediocre. I’m a big believer in the qua...

‘Ready Player One’ brings out the geek in all of us

Claude Brun, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Film

“Ready Player One” released to great popularity in 2011 and has since become one of the defining texts for the nerdiest of our generation. The book took place in a near future where the world is going through what seems to be ...

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ captures the magic of our modern world

Eileen MacDonald, Staff Reporter

March 29, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Film

In award winning director Ava Duvernay’s re-imagination of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, she plays with the parallels of realism and the magical realm, and where those two concepts intersect within our world ...

Michael B. Jordan shines in Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster

Miles Whitworth, Photo Editor

March 29, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Film

‘Black Panther brings to the table a memorable cast of characters and a genuine conflict that stands out from the cookie-cutter plotlines of Marvel’s recent movies. It turns the traditional protagonist-antagonist dynam...

Disney is out of ideas

Disney is out of ideas

January 11, 2018

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