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Performing arts faring well as 5th Avenue award nominations are announced

‘Children of Eden,’ several actors nominated at 5th Avenue Musical Theatre Awards; cast will perform at June 6 ceremony

Henry Burreson, Staff Reporter

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This winter’s production of “Children of Eden” struck a chord with audiences. When nominations for the 5th Avenue Musical Theatre Awards were announced Tuesday, the theater department learned something more: “Children of Eden” is resonating with the judges at 5th Avenue as well.

The 5th Avenue Theater nominated the show for these awards: Best Lighting Design and Best Supporting Actress to senior Camaira Metz. The show also received Honorable Mentions for Best Direction, Best Chorus and Best Actress to Senior Aisha Carpenter.

Out of over 100 musicals performed throughout the state, Children of Eden was chosen as one of the top eight adjudicated this academic year.

On June 6, the cast and crew will be dismissed from school early to rehearse at McCaw Hall, where they’ll perform the second act number “Ain’t It Good” featuring Carpenter. The Award Ceremony is at 7 p.m. that evening and will also be live-streamed on a link found on the BHS Performing Arts Website.

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Performing arts faring well as 5th Avenue award nominations are announced