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The teacher’s pets that most people don’t know about

Zoe Bodovinitz, Staff Reporter
January 11, 2018

As students, we don’t think too much into our teacher’s lives. We only care when they are available to go over that homework question or if they’ve graded the latest test. On closer inspection, teachers are a lot more like us than one would think. Specifically in their love for something many students can relate to: their pets. Take a walk through the science pod and you’ll find some pretty...

How to know if Running Start is right for you

Piper Sloan, Staff Reporter
January 9, 2018

All around the nation there are college freshmen holed up in their dorm rooms suppressing a mental breakdown. Hair is being pulled out, teeth are being grinded, sleep is being lost and snacks are being eaten - all out of stress. According to an article on Peterson’s, a company dedicated to helping prepare students for college, four of the most common reasons for dropping out of college are th...

A quarter abroad in Japan

Elsa Anderson, Features Editor
January 9, 2018

While many students have ambitions to study abroad at some point in their lives, few students pursue this goal during high school. Juniors Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas and Noah Yee are doing just that. “I think it’s just kind of an experience that I’ve always wanted to have to see how school goes in another country,” Hawthorne-Dallas said over Skype. He has quickly learned lots about lives...

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Oscar Zahner, Ian Harvey, Claude Brun, Fletcher Anderson, Anna Holt, Lila Gill, and Chris Barrett | January 17, 2018

December's episode of our monthly podcast. Email for any inquiries about appearing, or any idea suggestions.  ...

Disney is out of ideas

Anika Anderseon, Staff Reporter | January 11, 2018

Dawn spills warm light onto the cobblestone streets of a quiet village. The brightly colored shutters of a simple cottage burst open and a girl with sparkling eyes full of hope breaks into song. So begins Belle’s story in Beauty and the Beast, both the Disney live action version from 2017 and the original animated version from 1991. In the past few years Disney has pumped out several successful remake...

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