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New Target being built on Market St.

Target is the eighth largest store retailer in the United States and has 1,850 stores across the country. One of those stores now plans on opening right on ballard’s busy intersections and this could make Market St even busier than it already is.

Since the early 2000s, Target has gained more employees and stores across the country. Ballard is not new to popular businesses coming to town and attracting customers. Popular restaurants like El Camion and Mod Pizza are hotspots for students, families and any other hungry people. While most hotspots tend to be restaurants, Target can still prosper.

Library Tutoring

Despite the fact that almost every student in high school could use some extra help on their homework, very few have been taking advantage of the extra opportunities available to them. Everyday after school the library offers completely free tutoring to anyone who needs it.

A combination of student and adult volunteers are available to help with anything from geometry to AP Calculus, physics, chemistry, and even SAT prep. Though tutors specialize for the most part in math and science courses they are also able to help with any language arts or history related problems.

One volunteer tutor, Peter Seitel, has been volunteering in the library for roughly 15 years, and has no plans to stop soon. The owner of his own computer networking firm, Seitel says he loves working with students to build their confidence on the subject matter.

“Teachers do the teaching, tutors just help inspire the kids,” Seitel said. “Bring me your tired and hungry, your yearning to be scholars, and we’ll help them succeed.”

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